Wednesday, August 1, 2012

USB Drivers for Karbonn A7

Please find the link for downloading the driver (Tianyu HSUSB Device)
This will show the inner files of the zipped folder.
So to download the zip folder, click on the top left File --> Download
(Attached the screenshot below)
2. Unzip the rar file
3. Plug your device, once it shows that the driver not installed properly, then click on the notification baloon and it will ask either to select internet to search or will ask to choose from the computer itself.
4. Select the later one to choose the folder from computer, then guide that to the folder you have extracted.
5. Select the folder and click OK. This may ask for 4 times and every time select the folder and click OK.

This will install all the driver, port and modem for your device.
Now you can user your device for all type of essential activities.


  1. Did it. Still the response is "Insert a disk in the drive...."

  2. gr8 was wanting the same,
    din't get any where else,
    thnx a lot 1000 times :)

  3. Can you Please tell me the driver to Karbonn A5 too!
    or is it the same.
    Sudesh Argonda

  4. please provide driver for Karbonn A21 in Windows 7 (64 bit)

  5. Thanks. But the link is no longer active. The files are no longer available on the mediafire servers. Could you please reupload them at other places?

  6. Yes, the link on mediafire is no longer valid. pls provide a new valid link. thanks

  7. Bro driver link is not working please update it

  8. Updated the driver link, uploaded that to my google drive and shared the link.
    Please try now.

  9. got the same problem as amitra. still saying ""Insert a disk in the drive....""

  10. Dear,
    When I tried to download the files it is saying that the file are infected with virus, only the owner can download. Please help me to have those files coz I badly need those drivers.


  11. When I was tried to download, it said that fill access is invalid or not linger file. Please reply.
    Mohan Pegu

  12. Hey dude can yuy sahre a link for Tianyuhsb driver..Cant find in internet..Kindly help

  13. does this work for karbonn a7+ ?????

  14. I started my new site where you can download all the drivers for free with out much efforts. Hope you will make use of it